western regional younger member council

WRYMC is held annually in different locations in the Western United States for YMF officers and members. The conference brings together Regions 8 & 9 representing the states of California, Hawaii, Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Montana, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, and Western Canadian Provinces. The annual conference provides a great opportunity to network with other civil engineers, to participate in discussions with the ASCE leadership board, and to learn about activities one can bring to their local branch. 

Each year, ASCE hosts Multi-Region Leadership Conferences, in conjunction with the Workshop for Section and Branch Leaders and the Workshop for Student Chapter Leaders. Check out the previous years events below!


ASCE San Francisco YMF was selected to host WRYMC 2020 on January 24-25th in  Burlingame, California!  Our current President Sterling Wallstrum, Past President Cristina Pedroncelli, and Secretary Erin Dupree will be attending this years conference.


ASCE Hawaii YMF hosted WRYMC 2019 on March 8-9th in Honolulu, Hawaii! ASCE Officers Cristina Pedroncelli (President) and Erin Dupree (Secretary) represented the Redwood Empire Branch at the 2019 Western Regional Younger Member Council.

Cristina and Erin participated in several networking and social activities such as; Pre-conference Pa’ina Networking Social, Waikiki Bar Crawl, and the Banquet dinner. They also attended a technical tour of the Waihe’e Tunnel- a 1500 foot dike tunnel which houses the island’s only bulk- head dike compartment. The tour included discussion on the watershed areas and facility history.  It wasn’t all fun and games though, the annual Business meeting was also attended by Cristina and Erin, where they voted on new YMF resolutions.


On January 11 -14, 2018, the Redwood Empire ASCE YMF officers Sterling Wallstrum (Treasurer) and Cristina Pedroncelli (Vice President) attended ASCE Western Regional Younger Members Conference (WRYMC) in Las Vegas, Nevada.