pE Exam and CA Licensure

PE Exam

The NCEES PE Exam for Civil Engineering used to be offered twice a year, but starting in 2018 you no longer need to have the work experience requirement in order to take the national 8 hour exam! You will still need to fulfill the work experience and application requirements in order to take the The Engineering Surveying Exam and the Seismic Principles Exam for your PE license in the State of California. Make sure to stay informed on the process of becoming a licensed Engineer in California. You can find more information here.

Check out the new PE Licensure Flowchart!

California Licensure

The State of California requires 3 additional exams in order to receive a Civil Engineering PE license, which are: the Engineering Surveying Exam, the Seismic Principles Exam, and a take-home exam that focuses on the provisions of the Professional Engineers Act and the California Code of Regulations.